Project totally imported from German Mercedes Benz production technology, include workmanship, design drawing and technology standards, and transplant looseness.
Jinan Qingong International Trade Co., Ltd. focus on development manufacture and market Howo trucks.
We markets Howo trucks in more than 50 countries and districts all over the world, includes Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Angora,Turkey, Brazil, Peru,.....MORE
Beginning in 1989, CNGC Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group started imported from Germany NG80 heavy-duty tucks 20 models of foundation design, include: drawings, manufacturing process, technical standards and production equipment, At the end of 1989, the first China assembled Mercedes heavy trucks had finished from ...... MORE
Historical Activities of Beiben
Arousing world attention Qinghai-Tibet railway construction
participate in the Yellow River flood-fighting
province border main line transport the postal
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